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Built on industry standards, StorageIM leverages the resources of the open source community and standards organizations to create a robust, highly scalable monitoring and management solution. As an IT monitoring and development tool, StorageIM supports HBAs, arrays, virtualizers, switches, tape libraries and HHRC across product lines with a high degree of interoperability.

StorageIM is a software that is used in all sizes of environments, small to enterprise, to monitor, on real time basis, the effective utilization of the storage resources so as to save money by not wasting dollars spent on hardware and the time in administration of that hardware.  StorageIM can also be used to model scenarios of environment changes so that you can determine your future resource consumption based upon planned additions to or subtractions from your environment.  StorageIM can be used to effectively point out current problems in the environment to assist in the balancing of the use of resources so as to get a more effective use of your current investment thus providing a higher ROI. 

StorageIM monitors all of the current mainstream storage devices available on the market today.  Those resources include small to enterprise arrays, storage contained within servers and the fibre channel and iSCSI switching infrastructure which connects the storage together.

StorageIM uses the industry standard SMI-S capabilities to communicate with the resources and gather information on a real-time basis.  StorageIM stores information that was gathered for use in current problem resolution and to perform trend analysis.

Why is this industry standard capability of more value than using the proprietary APIs that are provided by my storage vendors? 

Most storage vendors are putting a large investment into the adoption of the industry standard SMI-S stack.  They have realized that the SMI-S offers the information required to manage an environment for more than 80% of the management functions that are found in a normal computer operations or data center environments.

What problems will StorageIM help me address? 

Growth of the quantity of storage in a computing environment is one of the biggest costs to most companies.  Controlling that growth helps management to control costs and predict a smooth build of their environment.  StorageIM identifies underutilized resources so that they may be better utilized this providing a greater current ROI and possibly reducing the short-term need to capacity expansion.  StorageIM can be further applied to the environment to model future scenarios to help predict resources needs for such areas as budgeting.

Pick an area of your environment that you spend a great deal of time managing with respect to growth or may have capacity issues, download StorageIM and install the hardware SMI-S agent(s).

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